New Business Name - Old Team who have been love and trusted by our wonderful guests.

  • Why are we call "Family Tours"?

- There were two reasons why we chose this name. One, this is a family lead/own business. Two, we want to treat our guests as members of the family so we will always provide them with attentive service, honesty and create a family atmosphere during the tours. 

  • What is our transportation like?

- Our choices in the driver and bus are very strict and careful. Currently, our driver is Mike Gutierrez and we along with our former and current guests are very satisfy with his politeness and careful driving. To us, he is already a member of Family Tours.

Family Tours' Team.jpg
  • The difference between Family Tours and other touring company?

- Our tours' program/agenda are created and assembled by ourselves with no other middle-man agency. Before producing a tour, we will research and visit each location carefully before taking our guests on that tour. That's why no other touring company will have a unique tour's program like ours. 

  •  Our Prices?

- Our prices have been announced and the guests will only have to pay one time only. Our guests will not have to pay for any other fees. Family Tours will take care of things from A-Z, once you have booked and paid you will receive your seat's number and we will take care of you from the start of the tour till the end.